Polo Comercio e Serviços Ltda., awarded several times as the best supplier of Petrobras, has been operating for more than 25 years distributing equipment and parts for the oil and gas segment..

Having an extensive register and a thorough knowledge of the bureaucracies, singularities and risks inherent to the operation with state companies, we maintain a team focused entirely on this type of companies so that we do not lose any details of each bid.

In addition to the focus on state-owned companies, we are also suppliers to other major industries such as Valefertil, Votorantim, Braskem and others, serving the mining and power generation segments.

Companies with labor liabilities or debts with the Union, are prevented from participating in bids from state companies. Count on Polo to not stop selling your products.

If you are interested in entering the market of the large Brazilian industry, without incurring tax, criminal and financial risks, use our structure and escape from the bureaucracy.

Are you interested?